Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do all kids make this much mess?

My kids are messy. There is four of them, that roughly equates to an F4 tornado striking our home daily. They are doing better. They recently kept the basement picked up for a month on their own. It was great. But as I hastily grabbed a toboggan as it was being flushed down the toilet tonight I had to wonder- are my kids worse than others? Here is today's list of the kids' messes that required cleaning up:
  1. Coca-cola from the floors and counter (left over from Bible study on Sunday-I knew I should have given that away!! Temptation got the best of Laurel who couldn't resist an early morning drink)
  2. Carter's bedding. All of it. Too much water before bed last night, you get the picture.
  3. Pancakes (Katey through hers in the floor when she was finished crumbling them into pieces)
  4. Bingo chips from a phonics bingo game (twice!)
  5. Construction paper and school supplies. The downstairs cabinet contents mysteriously found their way out of the cabinet. This one was handled by the children who didn't have an explanation for this strange phenomenon.
  6. Instant rice- 1/2 box dumped and then spread all over the kitchen by a gleeful two year old.
  7. Katey- the entire child- covered in peanut butter and jelly. Apparently she preferred it as a body treatment instead of lunch. Immediate trip to the tub required.
  8. Water on the basement floor. Matthew's attempt at cleaning an outside toy to make it an inside one. (Yes, I made him help in the clean up. I was pleased he was actually cleaning something on his own.)
  9. Banana. Whole in peel. Left on the floor under the counter stools until I discovered it. Apparently no one felt like picking it up, but didn't mind stepping on it.
  10. The toboggan. The reason for this post. As Carter was flushing his daily "business" down the toilet it fell from his head. Luckily Mom was nearby to grab it before it was sucked down. Call to the plumber avoided, Mom thoroughly grossed out. Thus this post.
  11. All the other clothes, dishes, toys, that are a normal part of their day. Many of which aren't completely cleaned up at this moment.
Does everyone experience this? Does anyone else wish they could do something else with their time besides clean up a mess? Some days are better than others. Today I was pushed over the edge by a well knit hat.

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janie said...

if it's any consolation, your post left me laughing out loud! during the short time i've known them and been around them, i'd say you've got great kids...they're just curious. and when there's lots of 'em, they have to out-do the others...right? see ya tonight.