Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fat feet

I have cursed my children. You see in the Mullins family line (my father's side) there are generations of fat feet. We are talking flintstones, people. I have them and always hated it. You won't see me in a dainty pair of sandals. No tiny straps showing off beautiful toes here. I have come to terms with it in recent years. My brother in law claims the beautiful feet award in our family. He is pretty proud of it actually. However, pity my children. Tonight we shoe shopped for Easter. No ballet style white shoes for Laurel or Katey- too narrow. Sandals for the boys-not a single pair fit. Two stores, all styles-no luck. Cursed with bad genes. It will be flip flops and tennis shoes for the Johnston kids on Easter Sunday. Its okay. Mom will probably wear jeans. We'll turn Easter Sunday tradition on its head. Hey, maybe we'll focus on worship instead of "wear"! A novel idea.

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