Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter and a sick Mom

I woke up Easter morning with a sore throat. I am still suffering with a cold, but wanted to share our last few days. I'll try to get it together to post a picture in the next few days.

Easter morning- We were awakened at daybreak by the children eager to claim their candy. We gave them their baskets and they devoured several pieces each-breakfast of champions. I went ahead to church because the children had been anticipating the special service and I didn't want them to miss out because Mom was sick. The service was very nice-even when viewed through a Benedryl haze. We came home, ate, and Mom went to bed. Katey went to nap. Dad was supervising, but dozed off mid-egg hunt. Not fully asleep, but not fully awake. The children seized the moment and consumed their entire baskets of candy. Not enough to make them sick, but much more than we would have allowed had we been fully awake. They also gave up on Mom getting up to dye eggs and painted them themselves (Daddy had already hard boiled them thankfully!). They did a great job. They got out the watercolors and painted the eggs. Some of the prettiest I have seen. They were high on sugar, but creative. So, when Mom is sick you can paint, have an egg hunt, and consume massive amounts of candy. They may pray less earnestly for my health in the future.

The last couple of days have been spent doing school in between Mom's trips to blow her nose and laying around the house. The children have been kind, obedient, and understanding. Tim has helped out. However, I have a deadline issued by Laurel. Wednesday is dinner at the university with Daddy's residential college in the dining hall. A highlight of the month for them. They fully expect Mom well by then. Cereal for dessert or ice cream in freshly made waffle cones, mulitiple food choices, and chocolate milk to drink. An event not to be missed, so Mom must be on the mend. They are keeping track, making sure I am improving.

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