Friday, March 7, 2008

I love the Magic Eraser

Ever used a Magic Eraser? As I understand it its basically a sponge with some sort of cleaning element embedded in it. A friend of mine recommended this to me about this time last year. I have loved it. Clean the tub with it, wipe down walls, clean a fridge, its all purpose (for the frugal- cut them in half so they last longer!). One of its best features is that it will clean crayon off almost anything. This came in very handy today. You see we bought a new computer. We wanted XP back and so we decided to buy while Dell is still offering a choice (see our I hate Vista post in Feb). DHL delivered Wednesday afternoon. Two days ago, 48 hours before now. Moments ago Katey decided to make her mark on it. LITERALLY. Autographed the top. Lovely brown crayon marks. Now you see where I am headed. Wiped it off with water, nothing. A little warm water and dish soap, nope. So, I gave it a try. I was nervous, but it has worked on everything else. Magic Eraser saves the day! I don't have to welcome Tim home with news that another item has been damaged by our children, and this time an expensive one. The magic eraser can damage things, take some paint off the surface, dull a shiny surface, but this time: perfection. So next time you get a mural on the wall you didn't commission, try it. It will likely work.

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