Monday, March 3, 2008

A little reflection makes for a good day

We are finishing up school. By the end of April our year will be done. Its been a crazy one. With the move, homeschooling, and a new job for Tim a lot of things have changed. However, when I look back over what the children have learned this year I am amazed. They have accomplished all the goals I set for them and more. Matthew began the year knowing his letter sounds and is now reading well. Laurel is writing neatly in cursive, finishing up "4th grade" Spelling, and continues to read very well. Both of them are doing well in Math after a curriculum change mid-year. I think I lost track along the way of all they were learning. The day in day out gets so crazy at times it is hard to see the big picture. Today as I sat down to plan out the rest of our year I see how far they have come. Yes, there are things that need review, of course. We'll do that in the coming weeks. It just feels very rewarding to look back and see what we have done together. I truly feel God has blessed us in our school. The progress is an answer to my prayers for them and our work together. I know tomorrow is another day. Tides may turn. It may be one of those days I wonder why God gave them to me when I can't even help them to see how to add double digits or put things in alphabetical order. But for today I feel blessed... I feel like a good Mom so I will enjoy it. Today my son knew that "dog" came before "fix" and my daughter could add 698+76 correctly. A good day!

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