Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We needed a jump, AGAIN!

We have had a continual problem with our van and it makes me crazy every time it happens. I was warned about this before we bought it by a friend who owned one. Leave an interior light on in a Honda Odyssey and the battery will be dead before you know it. For this reason I have the interior light switch set to "off". However, when a small member of the household (which small one has yet to be determined) goes out to the car and turns it to the "on" position and leaves it, the next time we venture out we are stranded. It is an easy mistake- you can't tell the lights are on in the van when the lights inside the gargage are on as well. We usually catch it, but not always. A few months ago it was dead and friends loaned us a charger. Last week a neighbor rescued me with a portable jump starter. Today we were stranded. Laurel, Matthew, and I managed to push the van out of the garage. I had figured out a way to get the truck to it, but guess what- the truck was dead, too. We had plans to eat with Daddy at the university (see the Easter post), but we were stuck. Tim came home and we made it back to MSU in time to eat. It all worked out, but for a Mom who is trying to get life back on track after being sick it was an aggravation that wasn't needed (picture a house in chaos and costumes for an upcoming dinner not nearly as far along as they should be!). Tim says he'll get us a portable jump starter so I won't be stuck (which translates into an immediate call to him in frustration). So a solution is found. All is well. The perpetrator goes unknown, but all small children experienced punishment as they had to wait in fear that we wouldn't make it to eat. Cereal, ice cream, and chocolate milk hung in the balance. Dad was a hero, his boys saw him come to the rescue. Tonight they sleep happy after waffle cones, jello, and Trix. The house is a wreck, there are 5 tunics and 1 chemise to be made, but the van lights are OFF!

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