Monday, August 4, 2008


Today we went to the zoo. I am posting several pictures of the kids individually so Tim can see them. The baby chimp, George- in the first picture below, is just a couple of weeks old! The kids have been looking forward to seeing him. Daisy (Mom) was very proud to show us her baby. She brought him up close and would knock on the glass if we weren't looking close enough. The picture of them is blurry because I had to turn the flash off to take a picture through the glass, but you might be able to tell that she was smiling!
Daisy and George
The kids on the carousel. (Carter is behind Matthew)
Katey enjoyed the sandbox in the Kid's Cove area.
It was too hot by the time I tried to get a group shot. No one felt much like posing.
Laurel sat still in the butterfly exhibit hoping her flowered shirt would attract a new friend. It worked!!
Got pictures of plants Tim liked when we were there in the Spring.

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The Johnstons said...

The chimps are cute, but how did you get chimps to ride a carousel? Tim