Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We are home. As we got close to home last night I asked Tim "Do you remember if the house was clean when we left?" Neither one of us could recall. Unfortunately the answer was no. The boys came downstairs after taking their bags up and said "someone has been in our house and they made a big mess in our room!" I had to explain that they had made the mess before leaving. I am spending the day trying to get things cleaned up and doing some review work for school with the kids. After living for three weeks with what we could fit in the van it seems like we need to get rid of at least half of what we own. We have too much stuff and a Mom who doesn't want to deal with keeping it up!! So far I have four bags going to the thrift store. I will try to post the remaining pics from our trip by tomorrow.

My Grandmother was able to write a few words on a pad yesterday to communicate with my Mom and Aunt so that is encouraging. Please continue to pray for her to regain the ability to speak. Also pray for our family as everyone works to care for her, family members travel to help, and for relief from the stress that comes when one you love so much is ill. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Wish I were there to say it in person. Hope things settle down quickly!