Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grass is always greener, food is always better

Katey has a new habit. She loves to eat other people's food. It can be identical to the food on her plate, but still she will prefer the one belonging to someone else. Last night Tim couldn't eat his popcorn because Katey was so busy consuming it. When she finished eating she came over to me and gave me her bowl - which was untouched. I can't leave my water sitting around anywhere, because Mommy's drink is also preferred-and she still has a high backwash percentage! Tonight it was her Daddy's dinner at church. It was taco salad so I took sandwiches for the kids and they ate those with some tortilla chips. She reached over and dipped her chip in her Daddy's plate and said "Daddy's food is yummy." What was really funny is that you could tell she wasn't really sure she liked the taste, but since it was Daddy's it was automatically "YUMMY." If she keeps this up it is going to wreak havoc on my germophobic tendencies as cold and flu season approaches.

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Anonymous said...

Hillarious! Sarah Jane just wants chocolate. While, I know where she gets it from, it isn't the healthiest of dies so we are having a few "discussions".