Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Used bookstore

I had forgotten how much I love the used bookstore. I used to be a regular customer trading books in and buying more, but once we left Knoxville we left our used bookstore days behind. We have gotten used to utilizing the library and interlibrary loan for most everything we read. Today I took Laurel and stack of books my Mom was ready to trade in to "Mr. K's Books" and we had a blast. Laurel was excited to pick books she could keep for as long as she wanted. I was excited to get the Narnia books (we have trouble finishing these in the time the library will allow). Laurel found some good books: Ginger Pye, Peter Pan, Treasure Island, and more. Hopefully she will enjoy reading her new inventory while in Michigan.

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Jonathan said...

Give a try. We love it.