Saturday, August 30, 2008

He knows the inventory

Recall the post a few days ago about our "food taker." Yesterday I promised the kids lemonade with lunch. I went to the cabinet to get the mix (we buy the 2 quart premix stuff). I found the container on its usual shelf, empty. Apparently the last person to use it put it back with nothing in it. I explained this to Carter (the one who REALLY wanted the lemonade). He insisted there was lemonade in the cabinet. I showed him the empty container and again explained I can't make the lemonade with no mix. His response: "You do have some Mommy." Reaching the point of exasperation at not being able to explain our situation to a 4 year old I told him "Carter, if you can tell Mommy where to get lemonade out of that cabinet I will get it and make it for you." He said "On the highest shelf, all the way at the back." Yes, you guessed it. Behind the sure-jell boxes, muffin pan liners, tea bags, and other misc stuff that doesn't get moved around very often was a container of lemonade mixes. When I told Tim about this last night he wasn't surprised. He told me that Carter had done the same thing when he was in search of a bagel for breakfast yesterday morning. So today as I make my shopping list and try to figure out what we have and need, I know who to ask.

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