Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Proud Criminal and a Lost Tooth

Today Carter confessed. The more correct term might be boasted. Somehow we have raised a child proud of his indiscretions. I was preparing dinner and Carter was talking to me in the kitchen. He said " Mama, during quiet time when no one is in the kitchen I come in really quiet and take the food. I am the food taker." Bold, honest, and I think he has just given himself a new nickname. I had to laugh despite my intentions of ending his "food taking"- somehow we have to teach him that being a thief is not a good thing. A few minutes later Matthew (with lots of encouragement from Laurel) let me pull his first loose tooth. He showed me that it was really loose yesterday and I told him he would lose it sometime this week, but then Laurel took over as coach. Much wiggling, twisting, and pulling led to an extraction less than 24 hours later.

Today was the first day of soccer for the boys and they had a great time. I will take my camera to their first game in a couple of weeks and try to post some video for all to see. Carter is doing well even though he is younger than all the other players.


sannyclaus said...

Tell Carter not to worry. I must confess I am a food bandit also but not as picky as Carter. Remember the Christmas tree ornament incident.


lisa said...


First of all...welcome home! It was so nice spending time with you and the kids and viewing the photos of our day at the zoo. I am so proud of you each time I read your blog. I want to grow up to be like my little cousin Jenn! Keep up the great work and know that we are taking care of grandma. I saw her yesterday and it's still her although she cannot communicate. She held me for so long as I hugged her goodbye and I told her how much I loved her and how great she looked. She has a long way to go to recovery but I think there is hope. We love you all!

Anonymous said...

I guess now you can put your mind at don't have mice, you have a Carter!