Sunday, August 3, 2008

Those shoes!

Saturday we went to the swimming area at one of the TVA lakes here. It was fun- the kids loved playing in the sand and making sand castles. Katey learned to make footprints and loved making them, pouring water over them, and making more. She kept herself amused for a long time, and I kept having to move her around to find less "saturated areas" of sand . It was hot and I wanted to be home for Tim to call so we called it a day way before the kids were done. Trying to get the kids in the car and leave at least some of the sand behind was chaotic. Matthew took off his shoes and climbed in- the shoes we had to search all over for (apparently you can't buy a pair of cheap "crocs" late in the summer without difficulty). I got home and realized Matthew didn't have his shoes. We had left them sitting beside the car. I weighed my options: drive back to the park, chance them being there by the time church is over on Sunday to save gas, or go back to the Walmart and get another pair, if they had his size. I decided that they would likely be gone by Sunday afternoon, they might not have his size in a new pair, so I drove back. I'm guessing it cost me about what we paid for the shoes in gas to go get them (they were on clearance), but we have the shoes and hope it is the last time I have to worry about Matthew and his crocs- the only shoes he wants to wear in the summer.
As for Tim in Germany he is having a good time but is suffering the woes of an American tourist in Europe with the weak dollar. He told me today that a cup of coffee where he was yesterday was $3 to $4. It is costing him about 50 cents a minute to call home, but we are happy to hear Daddy's voice. Katey is cute when she says "Daddy's in Gername (Ger-Na-Me)".

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