Sunday, November 9, 2008

91 Years Old

Today we celebrated Mary's 91st birthday. Here is the photo Tim took of his Mom after she opened her present from us-a winter outfit:
We spent the afternoon with her and enjoyed lunch, presents, and cake. She said we did too much, but how is that possible when you are celebrating 91 years? For those of you who know us well- we will likely have to return the clothes.

Yesterday we spent the day at Murray State: piano lessons, the Fiddler's Festival, and the MSU game. We had a good time, though it was cold. I was reminded of the days when I sat in a large stadium in Knoxville enduring 30 degree temps in the rain to watch football. Those days are over- I am officially "old". My kids thought it sounded crazy, they are just too young.

This weekend also brought more trouble with our fridge. It wasn't working Friday night. When we discovered the thawing freezer we moved everything downstairs to the extra fridge and then discussed how expensive a new fridge would be. Saturday morning it was working again. Tonight it is making some strange noises. We bought a few groceries this afternoon and put those in it when we came home (the rest of the food is still downstairs). Tim's theory: "It works best with no food in it". Not exactly practical.

Katey had a potty incident this weekend and I had gone out without a change of clothes for her. I handled it by just letting her go "free" in her sweatpants. Later there were consequences -but for fear that we might be identified by people connected with the place in which this occurred here is all I can say publicly: When a child reports another child has dropped evidence of #2 in a non-kid friendly public place respond quickly and hide the evidence (hopefully you too will have an empty coffee cup on hand) . Be sure to check the pant leg of the offending child (who is undie free) before allowing said child to go mobile in that public place, thus leaving further evidence. "Bottom Line"- When you have a kid who refuses to do #2 in the potty always remember the back up underwear!

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