Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dinner at MSU

Once a month during the school year we go to eat at the university with Tim's residential college. It is a major highlight for the kids. We put it on the calendar, look forward to it for days, plan our schedule around it, you get my point. Those of you who went away to a college with a meal plan/dining hall situation likely remember those days of massive food choices and the freshman 15. The cereal selection alone gets the hearts of my little ones racing. Tonight was the night for this month. Here is what my oldest children consumed: Spaghetti, pizza, fruit, cereal (three kinds mixed, two bowls each), ice cream, and multiple beverages from the fruit drink fountain station- various kinds. We loaded up afterward to go to church and Laurel and Matthew both begged to go home to bed. They were too full, they claimed, to be able to walk to class in the building. They both just wanted to go home and sleep. They made it through church, but neither asked for a snack as they usually do on Wednesdays after we arrived home tonight! Their first lesson in overeating. Next time they say they will plan ahead more, eat less, but with purpose and forethought. There is lots of food they don't get at home, so the decisions may be difficult ones. Sometimes it is easier to let the consequences do the teaching, I don't think I will need to warn them again about this one.

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Anonymous said...

Now there is something we miss! My kids loved it too! Great story!