Thursday, November 20, 2008

Parental torture by retail

The children and I went to Paducah today. Another Carson Center performance for school followed by errands in the "city." The retailers were in full holiday swing and the turkeys aren't even thawed. It challenged our resolution to focus on Thanksgiving. I gave up counting how many times I heard "Can I have this?" today. No, no, no. I appreciate what the retailers are doing- I understand the marketing tactics - clearly they work. I know why Kohls had toys ALL OVER THE STORE. I am not a recreational shopper. I really do not like to shop with my kids and I certainly don't appreciate things that set my kids up to either (a) annoy me or (b) get themselves in trouble (usually (a) leads to (b)). I hope to keep them out of the stores as much as possible over the next few weeks so that we can have family harmony and they won't be tempted. However, that said, this year I am going to try to be less annoyed at the process. With so many friends around us struggling and out of work, I just want those store associates to keep their jobs. That means people have to buy stuff- hopefully in a thoughtful way. However, here is a news flash for those readers who live within the confines of our home. Mom finished shopping today- so don't even ask. Remember: Be Thankful.

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