Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Embarrassing!

We are home from Thanksgiving with my parents and brother. A good time was had by all. We had Thanksgiving dinner, celebrated Laurel's birthday #1 (she'll celebrate again on her actual day), went to the Fantasy of Trees, and a Santa event with my parents. However, there is always that event that everyone will remember each year. Here is the one that will go down in history for our Thanksgiving 2008:

We left for Knoxville for the holiday early Wednesday morning. On the afternoon before a couple of space heaters we bought to warm the basement tripped the breaker switch. We weren't that worried about going out to the garage to flip it back. We were going to be out of town anyway and we were busy getting packed to leave. However, as we drove through Nashville on Wednesday morning it dawned on me....the downstairs fridge is on that switch. The $300 worth of beef I bought two weeks ago? Yes, its in that freezer. We started to turn around and drive the two or so hours back home to flip the breaker. The kids are crying as they realize this means at least four hours more added to our drive. We decide to call a locksmith that we know from church. He tells us he will go over and take care of things for us. The children are elated. We are thankful to know him. He goes over and takes care of things, calls us, and even goes downstairs and checks the fridge for us. All is well. Thirty minutes later we think- Is the small heater still plugged in? We knew Matthew unplugged the large one, but weren't sure about the smaller unit. Then we debated about who was going to call the locksmith again. I couldn't do it. Had it not been someone I have to face regularly it might have been different, but I was too embarrassed. Tim made the call for me. He agreed to go back out and make sure the heaters were both unplugged so that we wouldn't worry all weekend about the house catching fire. He told us the first time we called that he had gone out before for people to unplug coffee pots, but this was his first "turn on the fridge for us" call. I guarantee he has never had to go out twice for people who needed to be more attentive to a thrown breaker switch. I will happily pay him for his time (and aggravation), I just hope I can do it without him thinking I am a total idiot.

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God bless the Hortons!