Sunday, September 12, 2010

This little book

I am not sure if it was mine or my brother's but my parents have a copy of a book that now feels like my life. We've read it to the kids a lot when they've been at my parents' house. Tim and I laughed at dinner tonight when we realized we are a lot like the poor man in this book. The man's wife goes out of town and he has to go shopping and can't read the labels. He winds up with all the wrong things, such as soap flakes instead of instant potatoes and the like. He is motivated to learn to read. Its a good story and the kids love it. We are now living it. Tonight it was our ravioli. I bought mushroom ravioli without realizing it. It was fine, but it was comical. Mushrooms are a taste sensation when one expects cheese. Everyday is a culinary adventure here. Another trip to the store in the next day or so, depending on the weather.

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