Monday, September 13, 2010

Grocery Goodies

I found everything I needed at the grocery!!! We now have the ingredients for pancakes (salt not pictured, oops):

and just in case you ever need to know baking soda is called Natron in Germany. It took me a week to find that out, but I am feeling proud. I also saved one of Tim's students the frustration as I found her in the baking section trying to figure out the same thing. I'll have to play with my recipe as backpulver (baking powder) here is stronger. Anyway, things are becoming more normal for us.

We are making plans tonight for our first visit to Playmobil Fun Park. Its basically a huge playground built out of models of playmobil toys. We think we have the whole train, subway, bus transfers figured out. It would be easier with our van, but less adventurous. We know it will be a challenge to get the kids out so we plan to stay until closing time and ride home on a late train. Hopefully we'll go this weekend if things come together.

By the way, blogger knows I am in Germany so when I spell check it searches for German words. As a result my entire post shows that is spelled incorrectly except for the occasional German word I include. So I am going without a spell-checker, forgive my mistakes.

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