Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finding fun for the kids

Today was errand day in order to get things together for Tim to get a new passport. We rode the bus as a family for the first time and realized a "by the ride" ticket method was too expensive for us. It cost us 4,80 euro to ride to campus one way. We think we will need to just buy day passes if we need another ride. We are hoping to walk the majority of the time and avoid paying for what we lost in the bus pass during September. When October arrives we'll buy another monthly pass and be ready to ride on cold days wherever we need to go. We ate lunch at university mensa (cafeteria). It was very reasonable. Everyone but Carter was able to get an entree, side item, roll and drink for around 3 euros each. Carter ate two rolls. Just as we predicted he is living on bread. Luckily I have been able to find things in the grocery for him so he is eating well when he is home in the apartment. We can buy peanut butter although it is somewhat expensive. I brought two large jars that will last for a while.

Yesterday Tim was able to find a couple of playgrounds near campus so once we finished up things at the university we went there. Here are a couple of pics:
Kids putting on a show on stage

Really cool climbing dome.

We found a good snack for the kids. The internetcafe in the hauptbahnhof (train station) has breze (pretzels) for ,25 euro each. Snack for 1,50 euros for all of us. It will likely become a regular stop. I was proud because I read the electronic sign and figured it out! I learned several new things to say today. Most importantly "Entschuldigung Sie" which means excuse me. At least I can be polite in my ignorance. Tim impressed us all when he conducted a conversation completely in German with the train ticket agent to arrange our trip to Munich on Friday. I still just start out with "Sprechen sie English?"

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