Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tim reunited with his passport!!

Tim was dedicated. He visited several lost and found offices here today in hopes of reconnecting with his passport. His diligence paid off. When he went into the office in the equivalent of the city hall the gentlemen there pulled it out of his desk and said it just came in yesterday afternoon. Someone found it and turned it in. Now we know for sure he was pickpocketed because it was found no where near where we were. However, we are VERY thankful to the person who turned it in so he could get it back. It was the one thing that was proving very difficult to replace. Now we get to go to Munich just for fun, avoid a costly passport replacement and likely stressful day. We are off on the train early in the morning with a goal of seeing the zoo. We are doing all the outside things we can while the weather is nice.


Alice said...

Great news! Rejoicing with you!!!! Have a wonderful family day at the zoo. Yesterday we enjoyed the fall weather by going to Living History Farms (Aaron took the day off). Miss you!

hannah said...

I am so glad he got it back! Thank God. I worry for you all, but I'm glad things are looking up! Love you all.