Friday, December 19, 2008

The Bed Dilemma

We have been trying to decide about beds now that Katey is out of her crib. The options were numerous, but no matter how we looked at it- its expensive. We thought we might get the boys bunk beds and give Katey Carter's bed, but that meant two mattresses and the bunk beds. Also, a friend of ours who is an orthopedic surgeon confirmed our fears regarding the safety hazard. There were six other scenarios which I won't bore everyone with, but for now we are just getting a set of mattresses for Katey, a frame at the thrift store, and I am getting crafty for a headboard. Depending on how it turns out I might share. My Mom and Dad are still stuck on a futon when they visit and the boys are slightly disappointed about the whole bunk bed thing. All I know is I wish furniture was less expensive- I have spent hours trying to find a cheaper way to sleep everyone in comfort!

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