Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Jesus Didn't Talk

Clearly the season's message of the birth of Christ has been received this year by Katey. Lately she has been saying her own prayers at bedtime. Very cute, sweet, and usually understandable. Tonight I asked her to pray and she said "Baby Jesus was a baby. He didn't talk." I said yes and told her Jesus was baby when he was born. Then I asked her to pray again. She told me the same thing. She let me pray with her, but clearly the whole Jesus as a child has caused some confusion and she wouldn't say her prayers herself. Tim quickly realized the connection she was making: if he didn't talk, we can't talk to him. I'll spend time with her tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow night she will be saying her sweet little prayers again. Hearing her thanking God for her "bwessings" won't last, so I want to hear her say it every night!

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