Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Fridge

We got the verdict this morning. We can't repair the fridge. Tim and I had decided not to buy much for each other this year for Christmas so we are joking tonight that we are giving one another a refrigerator. I went to Lowes and ordered another one- it will be in next week. We purchased the same fridge. We are hoping that a new one won't have the problems we have had before. I really like the bottom mount style (it comes in a significantly larger capacity) so despite our negative experience we are giving it another try. Its cool to be able to buy 4 gallons of milk and still have plenty of room in the fridge. Meanwhile we will be trekking up and down the stairs to our fridge in the basement- we are thankful we decided to bring it when we moved! On the positive side: maybe the stairs will be the cure for those extra holiday calories for me and good exercise for the kids!

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