Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bye Bye Baby Bed

Tonight Katey is sleeping in what used to be Laurel's bed and Laurel is in a "new" bed. Since Katey had already shown a preference for sleeping in Laurel's bed we gave Laurel a choice. Keep her bed or take the new twin bed. She chose the new bed (which we were able to find at the thrift store, saving me a crafting experience!). We have a mattress on order, and that may prove to be interesting...more on that in a couple of weeks when it arrives. Katey seemed a little sad tonight as she looked around the room taking in her new surroundings as we explained the bed she has grown to love sharing with Laurel is now hers. As I laid in bed with her telling her goodnight she kept looking over at the crib saying "You're gonna give that bed to a baby." She seemed not at all sure about it, but she would agree and say "I'm a big girl, not a baby." Finally she sat up and said "bye, bye baby bed." Hopefully she will adjust well.

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