Saturday, October 9, 2010

Regensburg Wins!

The Regensburg team clinched the German Baseball Championship today.  We went to the game along with a lot of other people.  It was standing room, sitting room, wherever you can find a spot only.  Luckily Tim thought ahead and we got there 45 minutes early and were able to buy seats.  It was a fun day, they were down by 4 and came back to win 10-4.   Nice weather, good seats, behaved children, what more could you ask for.   Tickets 10 euros + food 13 euros+ 5 euros for snacks from the grocery = 28 euros.  Even with the exchange rate you have to love seeing a championship game for a price like that.  Our camera battery died so I am posting a pic of the team from :

German Champion 2010

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