Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life in Regensburg

Out for a walk on the old stone bridge, Dom in the background
We have made a point this week to enjoy the town we live in.  It is a beautiful place.  I continually marvel at how nice it is just to go out and walk around. It is a city that draws in lots of visitors, but is not at all touristy.  They were spared bombing in WWII and have become a weekend getaway for the well to do in Bavaria.  We saw a real estate ad for a 2 room apartment, roughly 750 sq feet.  It was listed for more than our 3700 sq foot house. We haven't used our video camera.  I have a love-hate (actually its mostly a hate) relationship with it and so I have no video of the trip but I am thinking about just walking around the streets of Regensburg with it.  I want to remember what it was like to live in a postcard sort of place.  We hear other faculty and students comment that maybe its both a curse and a blessing that Regensburg is so nice.  It makes it a great place to be, but it sort of makes other places somewhat disappointing when you go to visit and they aren't nearly as nice.  Other cities just don't have the atmosphere of this place.

This week we've tried to visit the parks we hadn't been to before.  Green space is well utilized here and appreciated as space is a premium.  There are beautiful paths along the Danube, and lots of parks.  The game of the week was catching falling leaves.

On Saturday, Tim, Laurel, and Matthew took advantage of a booth set up in nearby Neupfarrplatz and built a circuit board jack-o-lantern.  They got to use a soldering gun for the first time- super cool. Every weekend there are things like this going on, literally around the corner from our apartment.  It is really neat to be able to do fun things by just walking down the street.  This is something we will miss.

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