Monday, October 18, 2010

Pics from Garmish, Partnachklamm, and Neuschwanstein

Here is a pic from the internet showing what we planned to see on our trip to the mountains
Just not the weekend for seeing mountain views, we promise it was there.

Laurel and I were a little uneasy in the cable car, but the sights were beautiful

View of the ski stadium's highest jump from our cable car

Its starting to snow!!!!
At the top- foggy, cold, and snow flurries

Descending into fall
Another family hiking down the mountain snapped a family pic for us
At the end of the moutain hike preparing to enter the gorge (see cave in far right corner)
Really hard to capture the size and beauty with a point and shoot camera

Beautiful waterfalls

Our crew at the bridge overlooking Neuschwanstein

The castle and the fall colors

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