Thursday, January 22, 2009

The horrible, no fun, worst of the worst, bad day

Some days the teacher needs to learn a lesson. We had a bad day. Its that simple. Everything sort of just went wrong all day. Piano practice this morning was awful, school was chaotic, and the afternoon ended with Matthew and I both in tears at piano lessons. Time off our normal school work earlier in the week for a field trip has us behind so I felt pressure to get it all done. As Matthew and I were blubbering in piano I realized I had created the day that I work to avoid. We missed out on a beautiful day because I had the focus on the wrong thing. It is contrary to everything I am trying to accomplish in our home as their teacher. Thankfully our piano teacher was understanding and encouraging, so we are going to take a more structured, yet less intense approach. As far as school goes, two science experiments tomorrow, books for me to read to them, and a math game. All fun stuff to make up for a miserable day. We are all going to bed early tonight and hoping the memory of today will fade quickly. The next time it is beautiful day I promise we won't miss it!

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