Friday, January 2, 2009

Much Better!!

The world has stopped spinning-6 days later the world is solid under my feet! Today was a much better day. Laurel and I enjoyed a lunch out with friends. It was nice to get away on our last day off. I joked last night about the miraculous cure moments away, but after the third dose of medication last night I did feel much better!

The new fridge arrived today. We thoroughly inspected it. The poor Lowes' guys. I doubt most of their deliveries are so time consuming. We wanted to be sure everything was perfect this time. After they left we started hearing a strange noise and both Tim and I almost lost it. We pulled the fridge out and found a piece of paper was left taped to the back. It was "flapping" in the breeze created by the fan on the rear of the fridge. The relief following the discovery was palatable and we laughed at ourselves for how on edge we are over an appliance. Hopefully the saga of the fridge is over. We were even bold enough to go out and buy groceries!!

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