Thursday, April 14, 2011

They are DONE!!!

The kids composed entries for their books while in Germany.  They picked the photos and chose the titles.  We tried to keep them up to date and had them nearly done when we came home.  Notice I said "nearly".  Over the last few weeks I have been tweaking them to make sure I catch all our mistakes and then I ordered them...or tried to.  Apparently when you make a book over a period of 5 months things change.  So...I have new software and their books are totally redone yet contain the same commentary and photos (join me as a I moan).  I have lost more hours of sleep than I care to mention, but they are done.  Those of you who are local can see them at the coffee house event this year.  Those who aren't and who'd like to take a peek online can do so by contacting me for an invitation to view the books on  Because these are composed of the kids' personal writings I have decided not to make them open to the public at large.  Send me an email or comment here and I'll get you a link to each of their books and you can see what they thought of life in Germany!

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