Monday, April 4, 2011

Teaching All Four

I was warned: "This will be a really hard year" the folks who sell me most of my materials said.  Today was the first day of teaching all four kids full time school.  Wow.  It was an 8 1/2 hour school day.  One has to understand for us this literally means Mom is teaching for 8 1/2 hours- no busy work, no breaks, just one or more kid(s) after another working with me at the school table.  Thankfully Laurel pitched in and fixed lunch and helped Katey with her math lesson.  Lets just say we have some bugs to work out and we have to find more efficient ways to get things done.   Tomorrow we do it all again and we haven't even started the daily hour of read alouds (literature written in or about the time period we are studying) planned in our curriculum.  YIKES.  I am off to bed so we can try starting a little earlier tomorrow.

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