Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New Van in the Walmart Parking Lot

We picked up our van on Thursday.  For the last week we believed the sale wouldn't be able to go through, but we were excited when we got the call Wednesday that the deal was ready to close.  We made the road trip on Thursday and are enjoying a new van.  I am reading the manual trying to figure the thing out.  Who knew you'd have to read a book to operate a vehicle the same make as the one you already own.

On Friday the kids and I had to make a stop at Walmart.  I came out all ready to test the power rear hatch.  To my dismay as I walked toward the van and pressed the button it is wasn't working.  As I got closer I saw a large scratch on the rear quarter panel.  I thought how in the world did we miss this yesterday??  A few more steps and I saw the entire side has scrapes and there's a large dent behind the driver's door.  I literally screamed "MY VAN!!!"  I cannot believe it has been hit.  Meanwhile I continued to push buttons to open and unlock things and nothing was happening.  As the kids and I stood looking at it I noticed...rust.  Okay, I know it takes us awhile in Walmart, but not that long.  It dawns on me.  This is not my van.  I look over a row and see the new van.  Lights flashing, side doors open, and the rear door raised.  I explained myself to the lady who had stopped a few feet away wondering what was going on.  Then we walked one aisle over and loaded up.  Despite being a very rare color apparently there is another Ocean Mist Odyssey in Murray and it needs some body work.  Really funny now, but in the moment as I was thinking I had to call my husband to tell him our day old van had been hit it was not funny and it was NOT a good feeling.

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