Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Camping

We went camping over the weekend. It was fun, but rain showers shortened our weekend. The campground was full, over-crowded, and loud anyway. I think I'm in trouble since my need for space and privacy is starting to extend into our campground life. We have become accustomed to our favorite site which is removed from others and nice and private. However, this time we did have a nice lake view and enjoyed watching the waves roll in before the rain hit. Tim taught the kids a little science as he explained the air pressure shift and changes in the weather as we watched it all happen. They thought it was great that Dad could tell them what would happen next. Laurel built the sand castle of all sand castles and I am still in trouble for forgetting the camera. Tim drew a picture, but apparently that is not documentation enough. Loser mom award goes to me this time. Anyway, we are now back to school, soccer, and the daily routine. Mom and Dad are still with us but are planning to move into their new house in about a week. Soccer games begin this weekend which means: three teams, three games, and one tired set of parents. How many weeks is the season again??

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