Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food stealer's consequences

Our food stealer has been doing better, but today he fell victim to temptation and drank a drink I had left out in our room. Unfortunately I have been a little under the weather and he may suffer the consequences of his own actions. Lately he has taken to pointing out the opportunities to misbehave, but not always choosing to seize those opportunities. Apparently Papa and Nana's house is perfect for food stealing, but he is choosing not to do it. I'll take any improvement I can get.
The kids had a fun weekend. Since my parents moved into their new house and are getting things settled the kids were able to take turns spending the night. They thought it was really fun and are all ready to do it again. It was strange to us to only have some of the children at home. Last night Tim was even waiting on the boys to do their nighttime reading when he realized they weren't here. Matthew thought it was really cool when he and Tim "bumped into" Nana and Papa in Wal-mart earlier this week. Hopefully they will remember the times they wished they were closer and continue to appreciate having them here.

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