Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

A pleasant day today. Temps were mild and being outside was nice- unusual for July in KY. We went to the parade downtown and the street fair. The kids had a great time collecting candy and we all enjoyed time with friends while watching the parade. We came home afterward and did some work around the house we needed to finish. We had grand plans for tonight and the fireworks. There was watermelon, picnicing, and fun for all to be had. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. We spent an hour in our basement as the storm moved through and then over an hour in the parking lot of our church later in the evening waiting to see if there were going to be fireworks or not. It was a crazy night, yet the children seemed unaffected. They dressed themselves in rubber boots and raingear before we left for the fireworks so they enjoyed splashing around in the puddles. I was not so at ease. I was so out of sorts trying to figure out how to salvage our picnic that I arrived at the church with my shirt on inside out!! We'll try again tomorrow night, and if nothing else at least I can arrive properly dressed.

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