Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Venture River

Today we went to Venture River water park with the homeschool group. The crowds were light as it rained on and off throughout the day. It was our own fault as we all had been saying prayers for an overcast morning to scare the crowds away like last year. Unfortunately, this year the gray skies stayed with us until just as we left the park. Nonetheless, we all had a lot of fun and the kids are all worn out. Carter was a lot more adventurous than his height would allow. Matthew and Tim both enjoyed the ride of their lives on the Cliffhanger- you should have seen their eyes as they made the plunge!! Katey and I enjoyed our floats around the lazy river and jumping in the waves at the wave pool. Laurel loved spending time at the park with her friends- Tim couldn't get her on the Cliffhanger.

Full school also began this week. Field trip already- gotta love it. I begin the year with the basics and gradually add in everything as the first few weeks progress so that we can all get move into the new year smoothly and we are now up to our full load. Adding in Kindergarten with Carter (and often Katey) this year has made for long school days. Laurel and Matthew's studies are getting more involved as well-this week they are memorizing all the countries included in the North American Continent. Can you show me Nicaragua and Costa Rica on an unlabeled map? They can! They are doing great and we are all learning a lot along the way. If you call us during the day and don't get an answer please understand we are schooling and that the phone is off. I am going to have to keep us all on schedule to get everything done and that means me staying focused! We are also in the process of naming our school (we need to do that for paperwork purposes). Its been fun trying to boil down all that we do into a name that will fit on one line. We have until Thursday...

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