Sunday, May 17, 2009

Camping at Hillman

We decided the mixed weather forecast was worth the risk and we left to go camping on Friday morning. We spent the weekend at Hillman Ferry in LBL. The kids had a great time wading in the stream, swimming (for all of 5 min) in the cool, high, water of Kentucky Lake, and riding their bikes. A few sprinkles and one chilly night were the only weather issues we faced so we were glad we went. Yes, Jet-Puffed Marshmallows do roast better than a certain big box retailer's store brand- warm, toasted, yet not runny in the middle. Gourmet perfection on a stick vs a runny warm mess. If we were in school this month I'd count that as a Science experiment! The wildlife report: deer, raccoon, skunk, turtle, frog, and squirrel. Various insects in abundance-glad we decided to invest in a screen tent...well sort of. We now are up to a large cabin tent, a screen tent, 6 chairs, a camp stove, 4 flashlights, 2 lanterns, 4 bikes and helmets, cookware, and the list goes on. Somehow every year we are grow more gear intensive and are less and less the backpacking, true basic campers we once were. However, as of today, we remain committed to the "primitive" site.... and two packed mini-vans to get there.

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