Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We are in Nashville. Tim is working and the kids and I are playing. We arrived late yesterday and we went to the Zoo for a quick visit late in the day (the last hour or so they were open). On the way to our hotel afterward Tim wanted to sample some of the authentic Mexican fare we saw in the area. We pulled into a restaurant in a converted gas station and asked if they had room for a family of six. The waitress was friendly and helpful so we decided to give it a try. Yes, the menu was in Spanish. Yes, there was beef tongue available. No, I did not try it. It was AUTHENTIC. The kids first request today regarding food: please don't take us back to the Mexican place. However, Tim had some of the best food he had ever eaten. I have to say my chicken burrito was pretty good, too. It was just a little too much culture for our crew. This was not Los Portales, no chips and salsa. Today the kids and I spent time at our hotel enjoying the nice breakfast and pool. We then headed over to the Adventure Science Center. Lots of fun, a little crazy with four kids. We had dinner and then went back to the hotel for Tim to have his turn at swim time with the kids and to take advantage of the free sodas and popcorn. Awesome breakfast in the morning, nice rooms, free internet, and snacks in the evening- I have to say the Drury gets high marks from us this trip. My kids have downed more soda in the last two nights than I care to mention. I am just happy I was able to drive around Nashville today in traffic without injury! So far so good!

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