Thursday, July 1, 2010

Counting down...two months to go..

Today is July 1st. We depart Sept. 2 for Germany. I can say Guten Tag and a couple of other standard greetings and that is about it. Scary. Needless to say our focus around here is going to have to be on learning a little German-QUICK! After planning and pondering for a year and a half, two months doesn't sound like much time. The kids are excited and yes they still are looking more forward to getting a dog when we get home but hopefully they will enjoy life abroad nonetheless. We've started planning our itinerary. So get ready for more activity here on the blog in the coming months, get Skype loaded on your computer if you want to talk to us, and most importantly keep this crew in your prayers. The Johnstons are headed to Europe, who knows what might happen.

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