Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carter's first ER visit, almost.

Everyone who knows Carter knew it was going to happen eventually. I placed a frantic call today to Tim saying "meet me at the ER Carter needs stitches!" He fell from the wrong side of the staircase in the foyer. Yes, he has been told repeatedly not to climb on the wrong side of the stairs. Yes, today he found out why. We feel blessed that his injuries weren't more severe, just stitches and the extraction of his two front teeth. Tim called the surgeon's office he knew here in town and avoided the ER visit (Dad is much more cool in a crisis than Mom) so we'll call it an "almost" ER visit. Papa and Nana watched the other three while Tim and I went through the process with Carter at the surgeon's office and then at the dentist. He went to sleep still numb and likely will be uncomfortable tomorrow. Say a prayer for him. I started to take pictures but decided against it for two reasons: first, it was not a pleasant sight, and second he was just too pitiful. I'll post a toothless pic once he is on the mend. He will be toothless for awhile....

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