Friday, April 3, 2009

Bye Bye DS and I need Daddy!

The long saved for Nintendo DS is not coming to our home after all. Laurel bought a bike tonight at Walmart. Matthew may do the same later in the week. Laurel's was on clearance (the only one they had) so we were afraid not to buy it tonight. Matthew is going to do some thinking and be sure of his purchase. They both have come to realize the heavy financial investment a DS will be for them (with the unit and all the games). I am proud of them for choosing something non-electronic and for making the decision on their own. We will finish school in about 4 weeks so they can spend hours outside enjoying the pleasant Spring temps.

Today the morning began with a 45 minute crying episode because Tim forgot to kiss and hug Carter goodbye. He actually had to come back home to calm him down. Later tonight he fell apart again. I think he was just having an emotional day.

Friends came over this afternoon we did some crafting with kits sent to us by a friend and the kids got to play. The park is still too wet here after the heavy rains this week. Maybe park days will come along before long!

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