Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Call Me Amelia

Lately Katey has kept us laughing.  We've missed several $10,000 moments by not having a camera pointed on her.  Yesterday it was a visit to Goodwill.  We found a backpack that was in great shape but had the name "Amelia" embroidered on it.  It was a LL Bean bag and bigger than most packs we have so we showed it to Laurel anyway. She responded "I don't want a bag with some other name on it."  I agreed, but knowing Katey's fondness for bags and carrying around her toys Tim called her over.  We showed her the bag and she said "that's cute!"  We showed her that it had someone else's name on it and she looked up at us and said:  "I can have a new nickname.  When I am wearing this backpack, you can call me Amelia."  Too funny.  We are still laughing.


lisaplus6 said...

I have a couple of girls that LOVE to carry things around in bags :) so cute! that is a great little memory!

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