Tuesday, May 15, 2012


One husband and daughter half a world away + one wireless router that died and cut off my ability to communicate with them = one stressed out mom.  $130 and a frustrating afternoon later I have a new router installed and have checked in with my crew.  They spent the night in Seoul after arriving late in the evening on Tuesday.  Talked to them via skype this evening as they were heading off to breakfast and the bus ride to the university in Daegu.  We were at Stilley House when they logged on so Tim's Mom got to say hello as well.  She was impressed that she was able to see them and talk.  It would have been really good if her hearing aids were working properly!!

Laurel ordered a chicken sandwich last night for dinner and it was really spicy.  Her welcome to Korean food.  She said Tim had a rice burger and she wasn't too enthused about that either.  I am glad we prepared her for some food related culture shock.  They were both pretty tired this morning and dealing with jet lag.  I am hoping breakfast and coffee gave Tim a boost to help him through the day.  They are going to try to send some pics once they arrive in Daegu.  I'll post them when I get them!

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