Friday, November 4, 2011

Clearance Costumes

Tim used to make an annual run to Walmart on November 1 to restock our costume collection with clearance costumes.  After not finding much the last few years I hadn't thought to have him check.  Tonight while shopping we happened by the aisle and saw the 75% off signs.  The kids were thrilled. They all found ones they liked (although Matthew's is big and requires some modification tomorrow). They came home and dressed up. Carter had found an Iron Man helmet at Angel's Attic months ago and was super happy to find the costume to go with it.  He may wear it for days.  It took me a while tonight to convince him not to sleep in it.  I am excited we can now purge a few from our collection that have seen better days....Some of you know which ones I am talking about :)!

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