Friday, October 21, 2011

Before and After

We've been pondering how to fix our patio and yard for a couple of years.  No one seemed to know exactly how to fix it, they just all agreed it was done wrong in the first place (yes, that is really helpful).  This year we put all our info together and embarked on a plan.  It took 5 months.  We are so glad its done.  Final pics are taken.  Here are before and after shots of the "Summer of the Yard" project. We had hoped to have a big party with a patio movie theme, but now that its done its pretty cold in the evenings.  Perhaps we'll get some more warm days, if not there will be fun in the yard next spring for one and all.

no slope patio, higher than the basement floor (not good), yard slopes toward patio
wall steps down, front yard water flows directly to wall and house, steep grade to walk to side yard

front yard grade is leveled off

water flows to side yard via a berm created in front of flower bed

fire ring (or oval depending on who you ask) made from pieces of the old patio and extended side yard - it used to end at the tree line, now extends to our property line.

wall is now level at approx. 6.5 ft height and we have stairs from the front to the side yard- waiting on plants on backorder at Rolling Hills to landscape beside the stairs...

new lowered and sloped patio

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