Saturday, September 17, 2011

Go Racers

First home football game for the MSU Racers.   After missing all the games last fall while in Germany the kids were excited to attend.  After years of bleeding orange even from a distance, over the last few years our focus has been on "our" team.   These are kids Tim teaches in class, its a program led by a friend, and sports we can enjoy as a family.  No one spilled coke laced with their friend "Jack" on any of us.  People in the stands were nice to our children.  It may not be the SEC, and I will always have memories of chanting that its "great to be a Tennessee Vol", but the Racers and other small schools deserve their due.  Frankly Racer One going around the track is more impressive than Smokey any day.  Can't imagine buying tickets for a family of 6 in Knoxville.  We are Racers! and we had a fun night.

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