Monday, December 6, 2010

We are home!!

We arrived home last week from Germany and are adjusting to life back in the USA.  Its like culture shock in reverse.  We are happy to be seeing friends and family and looking forward to celebrating a late Thanksgiving this week.  Here are some pictures from our travels home and from the snow that arrived in Regensburg the day before we left.  It was beautiful and fun for the kids but wreaked chaos on transportation in Germany.  We were blessed that we were able to get home as many flights were canceled due to the weather.  We had a wonderful time and made memories we'll cherish forever.  Thanks for reading and encouraging us along the way.  It was a great fall.  Germany, Auf Weidersehen.

5 inches - it was a beautiful snowy morning, we had to get out and play

The Christmas markets really looked magical with the snow

on the stone bridge

Family snow pic

The Danube

Matthew built a great snowman

The massive tree in Rathaus Platz now surrounded by snow

Our last pic in Germany- leaving our apartment for the airport

On the plane from Munich to Chicago

Claiming luggage in Chicago

After 20 hours of travel

everyone was tired waiting for the flight to Paducah

so three kids sacked out in the gate area
but not #4!  She waited until we were boarding to fall asleep.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!! Doing ECC this year makes me envious of your real life experience of a different culture! The pictures of the snow on the trees are beautiful. We're still waiting for our first snow here (think it's coming on Saturday). Miss you, friend.