Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So some of us are feeling more ready to go home than others.  It is that way in our family and among the students.  I am back and forth, but have a feeling after a tour of the Christmas markets the weekend before we leave I will have seen enough and be ready to board the plane.  We are talking a lot about what we miss from the US and what we will miss from Germany once we return home.  Tim is trying to keep us living in the present and making the most of every day we have left.

The kids list:
Millie (my parents' dog)- yes, she comes first on their list.
their rooms and toys
space to get away from each other

Here is my random list off the top of my head (fairly petty mostly, but true):
friends and family, of course
space to get the children away from each other
my microwave, dryer, toaster, and dishwasher
my van and the ability to load up a week's worth of groceries and drive it to my home!
the library
English everything- church, waiters, tv, store clerks, packaging, etc, etc, etc
my school supplies for the kids
cream of chicken soup - you never realize how much you use this until you can't find it.
blue jeans
readily accessible bathrooms in public places

What I will miss about Germany:
no TV- the kids say they've missed it, but its been nice to not have to contend with it
the beauty of living here
tiny apartment- less stuff (I dread seeing all the toys, clothes, and general clutter I have in my home!)
weekend trips to amazing places
walking around the city- so much so close by
our family time together, while it can be hard at times, the kids have been bonded together as friends and they have shared some fun times.
the challenge of daily life in a different language- little things come with a sense of accomplishment sometimes
good food-even in places you don't expect, we had a great meal at the university mensa (cafeteria) today
church bells, clock towers, and cobblestone streets
listening to the kids sleep close by

I am sure there are more items for either list, but this is all I can think of at 2:11am.  Our regular bedtime here is between 1 and 2 as the kids are hard to put to bed and we still can't give up our 3 or 4 hours of quiet at night.  I am off to pry my husband off his computer and head to bed.

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