Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hiking the Felsenlabyrinth

Today we went along with Griffin and the students for a day hike a couple of hours away.  We took the train and arrived to find, to our dismay, there were only two buses running to the train station on Saturdays.  So we walked the 4 miles (6.9 km) to the park to then hike around the Felsenlabyrinth.  We were thankful for the group decision to take taxis back to the train station in the afternoon.  I was afraid the kids might fall apart on us if we hiked them 4 more miles hungry and tired.  It was a lot of fun and we will all have some tired legs in the morning.  It was a nice day for a hike even though there were some clouds lingering.  The kids loved seeing Mom and Dad squeeze through the passages in the rocks.  Here are the pics:

Beautiful views

Some tight squeezes

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